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38^                                   FLORA INDICA.                [Weniqwrmacea.
12 in adnot.; HassTcarl, PL Jav. Ear. p. 166;  Colebr. in Urn. Tr. xiii.
60. Cocculns vemicosus, Wall. Cat. 4966 A ! B ! (non C-JS). C. coria-
cfeus, BL Bijdr. 25.
HAB. Silhet, Colebroofa; Pegu, Wall. /—(«?. s.)
DISTRIB. Sumatra; Java; ins. Molucc. et Pbilippiii.
Frutez alte scandens, corticc Isovi, distanter verruculoso; partcs novellcc glabreo.
?b/z#,ovali-oblonga, acuminata, basi Icviter cordata, lobis distantibus interdum sub-
sagittatis, integerrima vel repanda, utrinque glabra, 2-6 poll, longa, 1-4 lata, petiolis
•£• brevioribus. Bacewi ad axillas foliorum: delapsorum secus caules vctustiores, so-
Htarii vel fasciculati, elongati, 4-8-pollicares. Flores 2-3 in axilla bracterc o vatic
carnosae, pcdioeUati, virides, campanulati, 2 lineas longi. Di-upa pallide anraiitiacic
vel flavse, olivcc magnitudine.
Colebrooke's synonym is perhaps doubtful, as he says tliat the cotyledons of his
plant are not divaricate, and ho figures them as partially overlapping. The speci-
mens iu the Wallichian Herbarium are very imperfect, but the glabrous bark, with
distant rough tubercles, is very conspicuous. On the first sheet a piece of the stem
of T. tomentosa is fastened down along with the stems and foliage of the true plant.
"We found at Chittagong and in Silhet specimens of a iMenispermaceoas plant with-
out leaves or flowers, the scandent stems of vrhich agree with the description given
of this species. Their structure has been described above. As we have no materials
of our own to depend upon, we have embodied in the diagnosis and description the
maia points of distinction pointed out by authors between this species and the List;
but, as these arc in part derived from the description of Roxburgh and De Candollc,
and partly from those of Bluuie and Hasskarl, all of which are not certainly specifi-
cally identical, our character is perhaps little to be relied upon. "We arc, however,
inclined to believe that Roxburgh's plant is the same as that of the Javanese bota-
nists, because he attributes to it the same lUfidicinnl (tonic) virtues as ate usually
attributed to T. crispa, and because their descriptions agree so far as theV go, T.
crispa is highly esteemed by the natives of the Malayan Archipelago as & fpbrifuge.
4. T. cordifolia (Micrs in Taylor's Annals, ser. 2. vii. 38); foliis
cordatis glabris, staminibus liberis, antheris ovaJi-oblongis.—Menisper-
raum Malabaricum /3, Lam. Diet. iv. 96. M. cordifolium, Willd.; Roxb.
JFL Ind. iii.- 811. Cocculus cordifolius, EG. Syst. i. 518, Prod. i. 97 ;
Colebr. in Linn. Tr. xiii. 62; Wall. Cat. 4955 !; W. et 4. Prod. i. 12 ;
Wight, Ic. t. 485, 486. C. convolvulaceus, DO. 8g*t. i. 518, Prod. i.
97. C. verrucosus, Wall Cat. 4966 C! D/ Et (non A nee ty.
HAB. Per Indlam tropicam in dumetis vulgaris; in Zeylanin, Thwaites!
Cnrnatical Malabaria! Maisor! Dekhan, Jaequemont! Concan, Gra~
ham ,• Orissa! Bengalia! Assam, Jenkins ! Bahar, Hamilton /—(El, per
totum annum.) («?j v.)
Ftyttt 'ilte scaudens, cortice subcrosp vemiculoso'; partcs novella* glabwe. Folia
Ictt* cordata, acuta, vel acumine gracflt-1QmiBijot^.i^-4 poll, longa et lata, petiolis
fere sequilongis. Racemi axillare5rQpH^tertnhraIc)^ii:el ex axiDis foliomra delapso-
ram^solitarii, folia aaspe longe sa^eradtes, simpli^e> ifH basi stibcompositi. Bractea
•anb^ljita;,. inrferiores rarius subfohacese. Flores flo^viflasculi fasciculatij foominei
plerumqtre solitarii, glabri. Petdlft cuneata, lamina tri^netra vel subtriloba, demum
reflwKi. Dntpte ccrasi porvi magnitudine, rubrce, ptilpa glutinosa fcctsc.
Wight and Arnotjseem disposed to attach a good deal of importance to the shape of
the petals, and to cfoubUhe identity of the plants of Roxburgh and Wallich with that
of the Peninsula, because Roxburgh's plate differs in that respect from the specimens
before them. "We believe that this character will be found to vary mueh, as usual in
the Order, and that the petals emfeace the filaments in the bud, and become rcflcxed